From jazz to blues to rock

Actor, songwriter and dynamic singer, this Bolivian/Canadian artist has experimented with various musical genres, finally settling down in rock and blues.

Originally set to follow the path of actor, this late bloomer discovers her singing voice while performing with a community theatre troupe in Huntsville, Ontario, in 2005.

Veronica moves back to Bolivia in 2007, where she finds her way into the Bolivian jazz community, who take her under their wing. For the next two years, Veronica learns and performs with a superstar jazz band comprised of guitarist Jorge Villanueva, bass player Edwin Mendoza Claros, pianist Freddy Mendizabal, and drummer Daniel Zegada. Together the band participates in international jazz festivals and records the album Proyecto El Talisman.

Returning to Canada in 2009, Veronica begins expanding her vocal skills and finding her true musical passion. She pairs up with exceptional vocal coach Pattie Kelly and makes her rounds in the jazz and blues communities. 

She meets Steve Pass, guitarist and founder of original heavy rock band Second Pass, in 2012 and joins the band in early 2013 as lead vocals. Veronica co-writes and records four EPs with Second Pass and performs in various renowned venues and festivals in the GTA and the U.S. sharing the stage with the likes of Papa Roach, Art of Anarchy, Scott Weiland, The Misfits, Sebastian Bach, and many others. Playing with Steve and Veronica are bass player Andrew Buntain and drummer Kevin Costa.

With a strong desire to get back to blues, Veronica spearheads the project called The Muddy York Blues Machine. Together with Kirk Reed (guitar), Kevin Ellis (bass), Kevin Costa (drums), and Doug Knowlan (keys), four of the most versatile, dynamic, musicians of the GTA, TMYBM is promising to be a unique, fresh, and exciting "new blues" band!

This page showcases the many faces of Veronica, from the soulful blues singer of The Muddy York Blues Machine, to the sultry jazz singer of Proyecto El Talisman,  to the guttural rock singer of Second Pass. This is a voice that transcends genres seamlessly.